LongLite (Tunnel Lights)


  • Flexibility of design allows the LongLite to be used in a variety of applications such as tile or CGI roofs with some modifications of the flashings, although they are most commonly used in a horizontal situation such as ridge lines and deck roofs.
  • Low maintenance, anti-condensation design makes the LongLite completely weather proof. Available in continuous runs (as required) or single modular units.
  • LongLites are available as double glazed (for improved insulation) or single glazed units if so required depending on the project.
  • Original light transmission is maintained over longer periods due to the self cleaning design.
  • Lost commonly used glazing in LongLites are standard Acrylic, high impact Acrylic and Polycarbonates.
  • When glazing is fixed there in no penetration of glazing allowing unrestricted thermal movement.
  • Greater design flexibility on continuous runs removes unsightly modular joining strips or bulkheads.
  • LongLitescan be fabricated to most sizes. The only restriction that applies is the availability of glazing sheets. Flashing available to co-ordinate with roof colours.

Belle Design Skylights are select tested to AS 4285-1995

Custom Moulded and Fabricated Plastics

  • design and construct
  • qualified, experienced tradesmen
  • full installation or supply only
  • commercial and domestic projects
  • to architect’s, builder’s & roofer’s specs
  • custom made and standard sizes
  • barrel vaults, canopies, Longlites
  • double and single glazed
  • glass skylights & overhead glazing
  • circular skylights
  • roof access hatches
To specify:
When ordering quote:
Depending on your requirement you will need to order either:
Belray LongLite Single Module
Belray LongLite Continuous Length
Vented or Non-Vented, roof-type, roof material, roof colour if required, roof pitch and depending on style, size with measurement across roof x length up roof.