PolyDome (Polycarbonate Skylights)

Belray PolyDome Security Minded High Impact Polycarbonate Skylights


  • The PolyDome is fabricated from highest quality Polycarbonate renown for impact strength which is 250 times that of float glass and provides enduring protection against vandalism and accidental damage.
  • At a comparable thickness, Polycarbonate offers better insulation than either glass or Acrylic, available for extra insulation and added strength is the PolyDome double dome.
  • PolyDome skylight domes have a very low fire indice (refer chart) due to excellent flame retardent characteristics and are ideal for public areas such as schools, offices & warehouses, shopping centres and protective outdoor areas.Optional venting or non-venting available.
  • For added ventilation an exhaust fan maybe installed into the dome.
  • PolyDome skylights perform well under prolonged outdoor exposure, being made of high density U.V. stabilised Polycarbonate.Domes available in clear, opal & tinted Polycarbonate.
  • Suitable for all roof types, Colourbond flashings available to co-ordinate with roof
    colour (standard Zincalume or Galvanised).
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Belray PolyDome
Vented or Non-Vented, roof type, roof material, roof colour if required, size and if rectangular, measurement across roof x length up roof.