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Skylights are a great addition to your home - during the day you can bask in warm relaxing sunshine while the bright blue sky illuminates your space, and at night you can gaze out at the majestic starry night and watch the universe unfold before you.

In order to have these beautiful views, ensure your rooms are bathed in sunlight all day long and to receive all the added benefits associated with natural light, it is important to place your skylights in the correct position. Not only that, you want to install a skylight that complements your property. To do this you will need to think about the style, size and type of skylight you would like.


What sort of skylight to choose

Skylights come in various shapes and sizes - the most common shapes are square, round or rectangular, which you are able to glaze with either a dome or glass.

Generally a skylight is installed in the celling or directly into the roof if you just wanted a roof window. Another option is to install Solatude Daylighting System which is a tube that connects a round skylight in the roof to a room which may not be possible to alter for a traditional skylight. They are simple to install and highly effective.

When it comes to the shape of a skylight, this can alter a room’s aesthetics and enhance the theme of your property. They can also be used to highlight a feature in your home that you find particularly attractive. A modern home would benefit from a square skylight, while a costal home would look ship-shape with round skylights.

The positioning of your skylight is also important. You want to ensure that your room benefits from daylight all day long, so you will need to locate a space in your roof that is structurally sound and free from any wiring and plumbing.

Think about the functionality of your chosen skylight as well. Do you want to be able to open it? In your bedroom you may want to install a blind to prevent you being woken up at sunrise.

Now you know the different options available to you, you will be in a better position to choose the skylight that is perfect for your home, enabling you to bask in natural light that perfectly complements your home.