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EcoLiteTM plus
EcoLiteTM plus hero

Insulated Glass Skylights

  • The Belray EcoliteTM plus insulated glass unit (IGU) is a revolutionary second generation double glazed glass skylight which exhibits extremely high light transmission with very low solar heat gain.
SelectoLiteTM hero

Diffused Solar Energy and High Light Transmission

  • SelectoLiteTM Skylights are ideally suited for hospitals, schools and offices where reduction in solar heat and glare are important.
LongLiteTM hero

Linear skylights – single module or continuous run

  • LongLiteTM skylights are suited to stadium and warehouse applications.
OpalLite & ClearLite
OpalLite & ClearLite hero

Economical Daylight Systems

  • OpalLite and ClearLite Skylights are ideally suited for domestic and commercial applications.
FiltaLite hero

Year-round Radiant Sun and Heat Controller

  • FiltaLite Skylights are ideally suited for commercial applications.
  • FiltaLite provides minimal summer radiant heat penetration and maximises winter light transmission.
SunTube hero

Tubular Skylights

  • SunTube Skylights are ideally suited for residential and commercial applications.
  • SunTube is designed for minimal structural alterations.
  • SunTube has a clear U.V. stabilised dome.
ThermoLiteTM & ThermoLiteTM plus
ThermoLiteTM & ThermoLiteTM plus hero

Quality, durability and high light transmission

  • ThermoLiteTM and ThermoLiteTM plus Skylights provide an economic alternative to commercial applications.
CircuLite hero

Circular Feature Skylights

  • CircuLite Skylights are ideally suited for aesthetic features and commercial applications.
  • CircuLite skylights are manufactured in polycarbonate, high impact and standard acrylic and come in either clear, opal or tinted finishes.
PyraLiteTM hero

One Piece Moulded PyraLite Skylights

  • PyraLiteTM Skylights are ideally suited for an aesthetic feature and commercial applications.