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Your home is your sanctuary; it’s where you rest, rejuvenate and wind down. Your home should reflect who you and your family are, and make your guests feel welcome by creating an inviting, open space. Natural light is one of the best ways that we can transform our home into a peaceful, airy space. With Solatube lighting, you can turn even the darkest rooms into a sunroom, no matter where they are located in your home.

Suitable for any room

Natural light isn’t confined to be used in one type of room. Whether it be kitchen, living room, bedroom or bathroom, natural light is nature’s best asset to show off in your home.


In your kitchen, natural lighting enhances your cooking experience by bringing out the colour in your food, improve concentration so chores get done quicker, and even boost you and your family’s mood.


Your bathroom is where you start and finish your day, where you shower, refresh and get yourself ready for the world. Natural light brightens your room with clean and fresh daylight, ensuring your skin tone is presented clearly, and you don’t miss any spots whilst grooming (or cleaning!).


As well as this, natural light installations, such as Solatube daylighting systems, are available in round or square shapes, making them the perfect, seamless addition to any space.

Improve your overall health and wellbeing


It has been proven that exposure to natural sunlight has positive effects on our happiness, health and overall wellbeing.


Daylight entering through the eye triggers hormone production that promotes healthy sleep/wake cycles, so we wake feeling well rested.


Sunlight causes our brains to produce serotonin, a hormone that can improve mood by alleviating pain, providing energy and making us feel happy. People who get regular exposure to sunlight tend to be more optimistic, sleep better at night and have a better sense of well-being.

You’ll save money immediately


One of the main causes for concern that comes from having too many electric lights is the financial cost. You don’t stop paying for them once they are installed; in fact, the more you use your lights, the more money you will funnel into your electricity bills each month. Although you can switch to LED downlights, which can save you hundreds of dollars each year, this is still far more expensive than opting for a Solatube daylighting system.


On the other hand, a Solatube tubular daylighting system uses renewable, sustainable solar energy to light the inside of your household. The technology behind Solatube is a patented Raybender® 3000 design, which captures a steady stream of light no matter what time of day or what the weather conditions are. As well as this, each Solatube system is fitted with Spectralight Infinity, the most reflective material available. This means you aren’t actually using any electricity during the day, and so no money is coming out of your pocket. Then, the light is evenly distributed into your home via a diffuser, which can be dimmed or blocked depending on your preferences. The light can also be boosted by using optional electric light kits, providing you with all of the light you need while also allowing you to save money on your utility bills each month. Read our complete guide on choosing the right skylight for you.


Installing a Solatube lighting system usually takes around two hours, so you can change your light and begin enjoying a better quality life today. If you’re wondering what Solatube options would be suitable for your home, give our friendly professionals at Belle Skylights a call on (03) 9555 2388 for Moorabbin, or (03) 5975 8893 for Mornington, or explore our website for more information.