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The Belray Ecolite has proved to be one of our most popular choices for skylight since its launch. With an insulated glass unit, this double glazed skylight brings with it high light transmission but also low solar heat gain, meaning you get maximum light for minimum warmth making it perfect for residential property as well as office and public buildings.

Below you’ll find five benefits you can gain from installing a Belray Ecolite in your buildings:


It exceeds energy performance

With a toughened outer pane that provides colour-neutral light transmission, and a clear laminated inner pane which reduces UV radiation by up to 95 per cent, the Belray Ecolite exceeds the five star energy rating of previous models making it even better than the best.


It’s suitable for everywhere

The Belray Ecolite has been designed to suit every single type and pitch of roof found around Australia, with no pitch angle needed. This makes for a skylight with a very polished profile and low setting for seamless quality.


Exceeds BCA skylight requirements

With the seamless sit of the Belray Ecolite, it means there are no elements exposed to any potential outside fires. This means it has maximum safety, complying with and exceeding the Building Codes of Australia’s (BCA) skylight requirements.


Available to your specifications

As we produce the Belray Ecolite in-house, we can make it to the unique specifications of your home or business – whether you need a modular or single unit in a Colorbond, Zincalume or galvanised finish. This flexibility means our customers are always satisfied and get precisely what they want.


Unbeatable performance data

When it comes to skylight performance, you want to look at three things – U-Value, Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) and Visible Light Transmittance. The Belray Ecolite figures speak for themselves:

U-Value (measuring the air-to-air heat transfer or heat loss from the building) = 1.3

SHGC (measuring directly transmitted and absorbed solar energy) = 0.27

VLT (the higher the figure the more daylight is allowed into the building) = 64%


Why not browse our gallery of recently completed Belray installations and see what you think.