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adding daylight to life


The weather is getting warmer, the days are getting longer; it seems everyone around you has a little extra spring in their step knowing it’s coming up to holiday season. Whether or not you have time off over summer this year, there are a multitude of ways you can get the most out of your time due to the longer daylight hours. So everyone can feel a little bit like they’re on holidays, we’ve put together 5 clever ways that you can take advantage of daylight savings this season.




One of the original reasons to employ daylight savings was to give farmers more time to work the fields. Why not adopt that original spirit and plant a backyard garden? Depending on where you live and your soil, you will have hundreds of options of seeds to choose from. Planting and watching a garden grow is very satisfying and educational for people of all ages. Do a little research and then get your hands in the dirt. You could have your own gourmet herb garden up and running in no time!


Installing a skylight


Let the light in! Now that the days are warmer and there is more natural light that’s come out to play, why not utilise this light to fill up your home? Solatube skylights are one of Australia’s highest quality and most technologically advanced skylight systems. Using innovative technology to absorb and reflect the maximum amount of daylight, consider the installation of tubular skylights to bring high quality light input into your home today.


Enjoying meals outdoors


As the daylight lasts longer and the weather becomes more palatable, a great way to incorporate the elements into your life is by taking your meals outdoors. Think breakfast on the balcony or balmy evening dinners spent in your backyard. Set up your outdoor entertaining area with candles, blankets and plenty of pillows. Just don’t forget the mozzie spray!


After work exercise


The days are longer, so make use of it! Instead of waking up at the crack of dawn for your daily dose of exercise, take advantage of the extra daylight after work. Head outside for a quick game of basketball in the driveway, or tossing the football around in the backyard with your kids. If slow and steady is more your style, why not catch up on your partner’s working day by taking a long walk in the evening sun.


Enjoy the sunset


During daylight savings, no longer will the sun set while you’re still in your office. Make use of the late sunsets by drinking them in wholly and fully. When was the last time you enjoyed a sunset, without being glued to your phone or stressing about work? Take a few minutes for yourself, and bask in the beauty and calmness that a sunset will gift you.


Daylight savings doesn’t just mean waking up earlier. It gives us the opportunity to breathe in nature, and absorb the lightness that the natural day is presenting to you. During this summer, why not take time for some outdoor activities with your partner, family or friends, and take time to enjoy the little things, such as the sunset, or a candlelight dinner.