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Top 3 Skylight Design Trends and Ideas

Belle Skylights offer a great range of skylights in all shapes, sizes and fashions. Here are our top five skylight trends and ideas!

1. Tubular Skylights

High performance tubular skylights are quickly gaining popularity in home renovations due to their many advantages. They are highly versatile allowing 90 degree bends, various diameter sizes and long shaft lengths. This allows dark rooms to be filled with daylight where no conventional skylight could ever be installed. Furthermore, tubular skylights can also be installed with no structural alteration to the roof frame.

2. ‘Green’ Skylights

Energy efficiency in the home is now one of the main reasons people consider skylights. They can save on countless household costs such as electricity bills, heating bills, and are better for the environment. They also are healthier for your family as studies have recently shown that natural light is much better for the body and mind than artificial light. A room that has natural light is also MUCH warmer than artificial light, even in winter! Ask about our energy efficient, and 5 star rated energy skylights.

3. Highlight a feature wall

Do you plan on having textural feature walls in your home? The best way to show off a feature wall is through natural light! Place a skylight adjacent to the wall and watch as the light pours down to the floor, highlighting and shadowing your wall and giving it brilliant contrast.

Belle Skylights can help your skylight dreams become a reality! With such a large range and flexible options, give us a call today on (03) 9555 2388 to organise your next skylight project!