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adding daylight to life

The addition of skylights to any home or workplace can make a real difference, as they can transform a room into a light and airy space instantly. Most importantly they are cost efficient and durable.

Here are some of the reasons why skylights should be considered in any home that’s lacking natural light:


They Don’t Leak

For those who opt for skylights in the roof, there is a concern that by essentially cutting a hole in the roof and through rafters, that the weatherproofing of the property will be compromised. This is not the case, especially with an established company like ourselves and the varieties of skylight we use.


They’re Long Lasting

Those that think skylights are leaky and flimsy may be thinking of very early plastic examples. Glazed skylights are the commonplace product in use today, for example a lot of the models we use are double glazed and exhibit extremely high light transmission with very low solar heat gain.


There Are Various Glass Options

With one eye on energy efficiency and the other on robustness, there are many different types of glass including tempered, double glazed and solar heat reduction glass. These different options can be provided in the full range of skylight options.


They’re Energy Efficient

The fitting of skylights is such that they are well sealed in a roof or other space, and with high quality glazed options the heat that comes in via the skylight can be reduced by the style of fitting chosen for your property.


They Make The Best Use Of Daylight

Sunlight and natural light are two factors that can really make a difference to people’s mood and spirit. Being bathed in natural light or using a skylight to lighten a dark cubbyhole can add a lot of value to your house and make the most use out of this natural resource.


Known Brands Provide Assured Quality

Sturdiness comes with quality and so it pays to opt for a known brand of skylight manufacturer. Well-known brands such as Velux offer value for money as far as quality goes.


It's clear to see that skylights have a lot to offer to you and your property.