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S2 design is an award winning architectural practice based in Melbourne with a reputation for creating some of the best sustainable architectural outcomes and have been working in partnership with Belle Skylights since the early 1980’s.

S2 design was tasked with the extensive restoration of a Victorian dwelling in St Kilda Melbourne. David Saunders, Director of S2 design, approached Belle Skylights to provide advice and a solution for the custom installation of skylights throughout the property. After successful consultation the dwelling offers a best-practice example of contemporary, sustainable living.



The aim of the alterations and additions of this extensive restoration was to provide an outstanding example of environmentally aware living; a new interpretation of Permaculture, utilising a variety of aspects such as water, energy, and material to directly utilise the patterns and features identified in the ecosystems.

The aim of the installation was to let natural light flood the entire house via a mix of skylights, windows, glass walls and glass floors and allow similar effects to happen at night via ambient light from the moon, stars and street lights.

With these factors in mind, we felt our VELUX range provided the best solution to the design and ideas behind the installation. This range of skylights is the industry leader in a range of manual and electric skylights and roof windows and exudes quality in every product. Saunders says “Forget about turning lights on during the day; that's why the sun is there!

s2 design skylights

s2 design skylights

s2 design skylights

s2 design skylights


The restoration took considerable planning, preparation and work but the end results speak for themselves.

The property was accredited as one of 2014’s ‘Most Sustainable Houses in Australia’ as recognized by 6 National Architectural awards including:

  • BPN Awards: Sustainability
  • Houses Award: Sustainability
  • BPN Sustainability Awards: Innovation of the Year
  • Houses Award: Alterations and Additions
  • Timber Design Awards: Recycled Timber
  • Port Philip Design and Development Awards: Sustainability

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