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Everyone loves the sunshine - from the way it feels on the skin to how it immediately boosts a person’s mood. If this sounds perfect for you, but you don’t get much natural light in your home, then a skylight is a great option for making the most of the natural daylight. Skylights will enhance the individual rooms in your home in ways you have probably never imagined.

The Kitchen Skylight

The kitchen is more often than not the busiest room in the house - from cooking to socialising and even studying. Natural light can enhance everything you do in there, so you won’t be squinting and straining to read those recipe books or schoolbooks as daylight naturally aids your sight. Enjoying a lazy breakfast indoors, bathed in natural light, is often the perfect start to the weekend and will set you up nicely for the day to come.

Natural light isn’t just amazing for the kitchen though, and bringing the sunshine into any room of your home will have an uplifting effect for you and your family. Your energy levels will increase as will concentration levels, and you’ll really see an effect on your mood. In addition to this, you’ll even benefit from having to switch on the lights less, decreasing your carbon footprint and energy bills.

kitchen skylight

The Bedroom Skylight

Your bedroom is another perfect room to engulf in sunlight. Imagine waking up naturally to the warmth of the sun, and allowing your sleeping patterns to be fine-tuned. With no more obtrusive alarms, this will leave you feeling better rested, full of energy and ready to take on the world.

bedroom skylight

The Dining Room Skylight

Balmy summer evenings don’t last forever, and you usually find that the breeze brings you indoors sooner than you’d like when enjoying a meal or barbeque outside. If it’s still light outside, dining indoors under a skylight can give the impression of being outside without the chill or the bugs.  Dining under the stars is also possible – on a clear night with a skylight full of stars above you, you’re sure to be able to create a romantic dinner for two.

dining room skylight

Whatever way you choose to use skylights in your home, you’re sure to enjoy the feeling of bringing natural light into your home, and you can enjoy it all year round. Check out some of our installations here.