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adding daylight to life


EcoLiteTM plus

The EcoLiteTM PLUS insulated glass unit (IGU) is a revolutionary second generation double glazed glass skylight which exhibits extremely high light transmission with very low solar heat gain.


SelectoLiteTM is a state of the art innovation that offers diffused solar energy and high light transmission all year round. Ideally suited for hospitals, schools and offices where reduction of solar heat and glare are important.


Long Lite" are linear skylights designed for use as a single module or a continuous run. They are ideally suited to stadium and warehouse applications.

OpalLite & ClearLite

OpalLite and ClearLite provide an economic alternative for domestic and commercial applications.


FiltaLite provides year round radiant sun and heat control by minimizing radiant heat in summer and maximizing light transmission in winter.


SunTube skylights are designed for minimal structural alterations in both residential and commercial applications.

ThermoLiteTM & ThermoLiteTM plus

ThermoLiteTM provide quality, durability and high light transmission all year round, providing an economic alternative for commercial applications.


CircuLite provides a stunning aesthetic feature to any room, entrance, or landing with all of the environmental and energy saving benefits of natural daylight harvesting.


PyraLiteTM are pyramidal shaped skylights that provide a stunning aesthetic feature to any rooftop. PyraLites blend the functionality of daylight harvesting with contemporary design.