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Belle's roof access hatches provide easy access for general maintenance to plant and equipment. The hatch tops are available in opal and clear domed for light transmission or insulated metal.

Natural light transforms any room into a fresh, open, welcoming space. It’s not secret that rooms filled with natural light and fresh air are the most beautiful ones. But how do you create this uplifting, spacious air that can soar your spirits? The answer is daylight. The essential element into transforming a dark, dank room into a splendid space, daylight truly adds so much to your everyday quality of life.

One way to incorporate daylight into even the darkest of rooms is to install one of our roof windows. Roof windows allow you to change poorly lit spaces into gorgeous living areas, filled with both fresh air and natural light.

At Belle's Skylights, we offer a wide range of roof windows, with the helpful addition of roof access hatches. The roof access hatch provides easy access for general maintenance chores, such as transporting plants and equipment.

Safe and Easy Roof Access:

  • Belray roof access hatches are available in opal or clear domed for light transmission, or insulated metal tops
  • Ideal for roof access for general maintenance
  • Solid welded aluminium square hollow section frame with stainless steel hinges
  • All hatches fitted with internal or external latches and handles for ease of access to roof
  • Gas lifting struts ensure operator safety
  • Standard size range available in square or rectangular (other sizes on request)
  • Full 90° opening
  • Suitable for all roof types and roof pitches
  • Available in Zincalume®, Colorbond® and galvanised finishes

If you need more information about our roof windows or roof access hatches, don’t hesitate to contact the friendly professionals at Belle’s Skylights today.

Safe and Easy Roof Access