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Whether you need to get on the roof to make repairs or want to create a roof top garden and need an access point, a roof hatch can be perfect for your property or place of business.

At Belle Skylights we offer roof access hatches in opal and clear domed for light transmission, or in insulated metal. Here are five key benefits to having a roof access hatch installed:


Safety First

The struts in all of our roof hatches are gas-lifting which means that the operator is always safe from accidental closures – so if a high wind comes in while you’re on your way through the hatch then you can be rest assured that it won’t come slamming down on you. On top of that, having convenient access to your roof is safer than getting the rickety ladder out of your garage and scaling the walls around your house.


You Won’t Get Stuck

All of our roof hatches come fitted with internal or external latches and handles. This means ease of access to roof is at an optimum and you’ll never get stuck!


All Purpose

Our roof hatches are perfect if you want to bring more light into your home, and with a weather-tight construction they are suitable for all roof types and pitches. As they are made from solid aluminium and equipped with stainless steel hinges, they are extremely sturdy and durable.


Come In a Variety of Sizes

Our roof access hatches come in a standard size range and are available in square or rectangular – from 600x600mm to 600x1500. Other sizes can be manufactured on request. Belle Skylights are experts at custom manufacturing.

Browse our project gallery to see some of our latest work and see what the roof hatch has brought to other properties. Read our "How to select the perfect skylight buyers guide".