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If you’re lucky enough to have an attic space in your home, chances are you will be wanting to make use of it. Whether that is as a storage space or as a whole new room conversion, we’ve compiled the top 4 tips that you need to take heed of when renovating your roof space.


1. Is your attic habitable?

In order to meet regulations, a habitable attic has to be a height of at least 2.4m in at least 60% of the floor area once it is built. As well as this, you need to be extremely wary of any pipes, wiring, excessive dust pests or asbestos that may be present. This will need to be cleaned out, and may require the aid of professionals, or at the very least a dust mask or respirator. If you are looking to convert your space, it will most likely need the approval of council, so ensure that you get the correct regulators in to assess your options.


2. What can you create?

The beauty of an attic is that it can be turned into almost anything. It can be used for storage, as a bedroom, a study, a guest room, or a chill out area equipped with a daybed for napping! Given the right environment and the appropriate legal requirements, the options are endless.


3. What does it involve?

There is rather large range of considerations that you’ll need to think about when converting your attic into a living space:


  • Where will the entrance be? Will it be via a staircase or a ladder?

  • Is there correct load-bearing capacity? Insulation.

  • Is there enough natural light? Do you need to think about installing a roof window or skylight?

  • Is there appropriate ventilation?

  • What are your flooring options?

  • Is there adequate plumbing?

  • Where are the electricals for lighting and power points?


4. How much does it cost?

The cost of converting your attic will vary greatly depending on the complexity of the job at hand. We definitely recommend you obtain a few quotes to compare and read our skylight guide.


5. How long will it take?


One of the advantages of converting a roof is the lack of disruption; the fact that you can live in your own home whilst the renovation is happening. Builders can generally access the roof from outside, so the most invasive part is the noise. Generally speaking, a typical conversion into a new room should take between four and eight weeks. However, creating a storage space could be between a day’s or several days’ work for the experienced DIY hand, depending how basic you want it.


If you’re thinking about making full use of your home and converting your attic into a liveable space, make sure you take the appropriate steps so you don’t run into troubles down the line. Give the professionals at Belles Skylights a call to discover your options for making your attic liveable today.