Advanced 21st Century skylight that offers diffused solar energy and high light transmission all year round

In summer when the sun is at its highest the SelectoLite reflects the sun’s rays and prevents heat penetration while transmitting indirect natural light into the building.

In winter when the sun is at its lowest the SelectoLite allows solar energy to penetrate and warm the building.

The Revolutionary SelectoLite skylight concept of diffused light transmission uses a unique prismatic design sheet with co-extruded coating providing


  • Large standard size range available as per chart or variables on request, also available as a circular skylight P.O.A.
  • Clear outer moulded insulating dome gives added heat reduction, promotes self cleaning, gives required water run-off when used in deck roof applications.
  • No separate louvre blades to rattle, discolour or rust due to inner flute condensation.
  • 16mm thick Polycarbonate has excellent fire resistant properties as per chart and is virtually unbreakable.
  • Suitable for all roof types, Colourbond flashings available to co-ordinate with roof colour (standard Zincalume or Galvanized).

SelectoLite panels comply with ASTM D5628-95, BS2782 and DIN 53443 standards.

Custom Moulded and Fabricated Plastics

  • design and construct
  • qualified, experienced tradesmen
  • full installation or supply only
  • commercial and domestic projects
  • to architect’s, builder’s & roofer’s specs
  • custom made and standard sizes
  • barrel vaults, canopies, Longlites
  • double and single glazed
  • glass skylights & overhead glazing
  • circular skylights
  • roof access hatches
To specify:
When ordering quote:
Depending on your requirement you will need to order either:
Belray SelectoLite
Vented or Non-Vented, roof type, roof material, roof colour if required, roof pitch, size and if not square, measurement across roof x length up roof.
For Optimum performance, SelectoLite Skylight reflective flutes should follow roof pitch.