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There are many home improvements that you can make to your property, and there are all kinds of ideas you can utilise to create a home that is as bright and as spacious as your family needs.

One idea that is beginning to increase in popularity is the addition of inexpensive tubular skylights, also known as sun tunnels. These tubes essentially capture the light from the sun, bouncing it down the corrugated inside of a metal tube and bathing the room beneath in daylight.

There are many benefits to tubular skylights, and we’ve listed just a few here to help you see if they’re right for your home.

They’re Cost-effective

For an incredibly small outlay for the tube or tubes themselves, along with installation costs, the smallest or darkest of spaces can be quickly illuminated in natural light.

Energy Efficient- 5 star rated

Many people that have opted for tubular skylights have noticed that they use artificial light a lot less in their home. In the morning sun, or the fading light of dusk, the light bounced in to a room by these tunnels can be incredibly bright.

They’re Versatile

They can fit almost anywhere! If you have an awkward spot that always seems to be dark or rooms frequently used such as living areas and hall ways. As an added bonus, installation provides no major disruption to your household.

Saves You Money

The cost of electricity is an issue for many people and even when we generate our own with solar panels it can seem wasteful to light a room artificially during daylight. With the installation of tubular skylights, there is no need for artificial light at all during the day as the sunlight is beamed directly to the room.

Added Visual Appeal

Enhance the appearance of your property by adding cost effective tubular lighting. Warm and welcoming, natural light makes any room or space look and feel welcoming.

Mood Enhancing

Sunlight is known to be an important factor in lifting our mood too, so living in a property that captures and makes use of natural daylight will be a far more pleasant and delightful experience.

Capturing and using sunlight is quick and easy, with immediate results. Tubular skylights are increasing in popularity as people realise just how great it is to live in a home that feels open, light and airy. View our gallery to see what tubular skylights could do for you!

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